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  1. AC São Paulo

  2. Beny satria putra

    İSBAK AŞ: #AkıllıŞehir çözümlerimizden Adaptif trafik yönetim projesi ( #atak ) çerçevesinde geliştirilen ödüllü yazılım I-SI…

  4. Stéphane Pouillot
    Stéphane Pouillot: RT @BouyguesTel_Ent: Vous avez un besoin #IOT ? Alors faites confiance à notre filiale @Objenious 🧐 pour vos projets #smartcity, #smartgri


  1. punkgoku84
    punkgoku84: #SmartPeople & #FreeThinkers Learn to listen, watch the world around them, step outside the box, and question every…

  2. Sundeep Kumar M 
    Sundeep Kumar M : The thing about the #SmartPeople is that they sound #crazy to #StupidPeople . Yeah, people say I'm crazy!

  3. Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson: When the conversation is too intelligent for you on the night shoots🤯 . . . . . #actors #actor #actorslife #friends

  4. Arhy Su'Dana
    Arhy Su'Dana: Miskin Boleh, Tolol Jangan. #Smartpeople


  1. BitHub.Africa

  2. WatchCoins

  3. Concept211📉
    Concept211📉: @cryptotrader85 I used to love $NEO and had been buying since Antshares. But I sold everything in Feb 2018. They've…

  4. WatchCoins
    WatchCoins: Binance’s CZ Expects Bitcoin To Break From $8,000 Range: Will It Happen?: via News BTC…


  1. Royal HaskoningDHV
    Royal HaskoningDHV: At the #ITSNL19 European Congress, #traffic management expert Mark Gorter will discuss Advanced Emergency Braking S…

  2. Smart Mobility
    Smart Mobility: #ATMS will become #smartcity platforms, similar to smart street lighting, layered with services such as…

  3. Marianne Weinreich
    Marianne Weinreich: My collegue @iansacs from @ramboll Smart Mobility sharing the insights from our white paper Whimpacts (MaaS)…

  4. Parquery AG
    Parquery AG: @HelloNinaHelp interviewed our CEO Andrea Fossati during the @kickstart_inno 2017. Thank you for bringing up the in…


  1. عبدالرحمن 👨‍💻
    عبدالرحمن 👨‍💻: Working with @IdomGroup on open data platform for Segovia city in Spain using @CKANproject #OpenSource

  2. Siegfried Angerer
    Siegfried Angerer: @SwannyQLD @marxdeane The campaign for a national 12 volt domestic white goods standard began at 8.30 pm on May 18t…

  3. Siegfried Angerer
    Siegfried Angerer: @smh Dumb arse politicians don't understand that mandating a 12 volt national standard for domestic white goods has…

  4. Siegfried Angerer
    Siegfried Angerer: @terrimbutler What worries me is that Australia is in serious need of #smartgov. Legislating a 12 volt domestic app…