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  1. Parshuram Kokane
    Parshuram Kokane: ३३ कोटी वृक्षारोपण उपक्रमांतर्गत सिध्देश्वर वनविहार येथील वृक्ष लागवड अभियानात इको फ्रेंडली क्लब सदस्यांचा सहभाग..…

  2. Marya Yaqin

  3. Anantasak
    Anantasak: RT @Ronald_vanLoon: This #Robot can ride a bicycle just like a human by @futurism | #InternetOfThings #IoT #MachineLearning #ML #Robotics

  4. BICI VIVANCO m.r.
    BICI VIVANCO m.r.: RT @SmartCity_Net: En México hay muchos jóvenes con una gran capacidad para la ciencia e innovación, un “recurso natural” muy importante qu…


  1. dubjart
    dubjart: @artologica I know the feeling well. Just getting off the ground here.🤞It will sell. #smartpeople #buyart

  2. rob bob babe boy
    rob bob babe boy: @michelleinbklyn you are by far my favorite journalist. In the world. Ever. Thank you. I love #smartpeople and you…

  3. Courtney Schatzman
    Courtney Schatzman: Can't wait to check out my roommate's multidisciplinary collaborative experiment #smartpeople

  4. SEMinnis
    SEMinnis: Treated to commentary by @MarkHertling, @RangerSpider, and Phil Mudd today. #smartpeople


  1. Sisters and the City
    Sisters and the City: En la Plaza Zuloaga tienes un planazo. Si te apetece probar un patinete eléctrico pásate por aquí…

  2. Corresponsables

  3. EconomyUp
    EconomyUp: Sta arrivando una nuova era nel modo di muoversi nelle città: la #smartmobility Tutto quell…

  4. Smart Mobility Expo
    Smart Mobility Expo: #Hyundai Unveils India’s First Electric SUV Hyundai Motor India Ltd recently launched its electric sport utility v…


  1. Stephane Bureau
    Stephane Bureau: We spoke to Pascal Marion about the huge potential & urgent needs for #Smartcities IoT use cases as well as challen…

  2. Aurelio
    Aurelio: in prima linea per fornire servizi al passo con i tempi ai cittadini ed alle amministrazioni lungimiranti #smartgov

  3. Gemma K.
    Gemma K.: Sí! un pas per fer una relació més eficient i centrada en les necessitats dels ciutadans. Cap a #openadmin

  4. Prof Judy Backhouse
    Prof Judy Backhouse: UNU-EGOV has opened applications for Government Fellows to visit and work with us for 3 month periods. Deadline 1st…