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  1. felipe
    felipe: RT @Ronald_vanLoon: How #BigData & #AI is applied in Formula E Racing by @Susie_Wolff @VenturiFE @Ronald_vanLoon | #HPEinfluencer #HPEdis

  2. Cresa Fischer Bullock
    Cresa Fischer Bullock: RT @yetillc: To make experimentation valuable, businesses need to recognize the warning signs of a bad experiment and know when to bail or…

  3. Okwuchi Ihenacho
    Okwuchi Ihenacho: RT @wef: African farmers earned 41% more when using this method. Learn more about innovative methods of growing rice:…

  4. mgcconsultingcl


  1. KDI Studios

  2. Ellen Deutscher 🏳️‍🌈
    Ellen Deutscher 🏳️‍🌈: Educators and all interested humans. I’m tweeting from #genderspectrum conference today (and likely tomorrow) Oppor…

  3. Marta Armendia Santos
    Marta Armendia Santos: La generación Z no quiere salir de “la caja”( zona de comfort), sino diseñar “su propia caja”.... Conceptos -ya pre…

  4. Athar
    Athar: Struggling hard to make your design perfect in Sketch? check out this informative guide on "How to Design Better an…


  1. Juan José Calderón Amador
    Juan José Calderón Amador: 3D Printing And It's Potential To Change The World. Larry King Now . @oraTV #3D

  2. 3D Printer 365
    3D Printer 365: #3dprinter imprimante 3d  printer Geeetech A20 #3dprinting

  3. James
    James: Forgot to show the result of the headset clip, probably the only functional thing I've made so far #3Dprinting

  4. 3D Monkey
    3D Monkey: Toy blender button broken! Dad to the resque. Added on/off icon as an upgradre. #3Dprinting #3dprint #Fusion360


  1. Red Creactiva
    Red Creactiva: ¡Disfruta ya del descuento especial para las entradas del #Foro4IS! ¡Hasta el próximo 4 de octubre, consíguelas por…

  2. Ôpotager
    Ôpotager: Et voilà prêt•e•s à "semer à toucher le ciel" ! On vous attend nombreux•ses pour semer graines, rêves, idées pour l…

  3. Ogunte
    Ogunte: Pull up a chair #ImpactWomen and browse this week's pick of stimulating #jobs with social impact around the world.…

  4. Hubert de Boisredon
    Hubert de Boisredon: Honoré d’être choisi avec @GroupeArmor comme porte drapeaux #TransitionEnergetique d’@investnantesSN ! Et merci pou…