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  1. People in Need
    People in Need: RT @Reliefapps: This new beneficiary information management system had revolutionised the way @people_in_need is able to operate in the fie…

  2. Rajat Arora
    Rajat Arora: RT @livemint: We are live with Dr. @BuschRo, COO and CTO of @Siemens. In this interview, he highlights what digitalization promises for bus…

  3. Sally
    Sally: RT @ForbesME: Why The Must-Have Skill In Tech Is To Be Human ‍♂️ #Technology #Human #Skills #Competencies #Di

  4. Nestlé CWA Region
    Nestlé CWA Region: Today we’ve launched an R&D innovation challenge in sub-Saharan Africa to support local innovation and entrepreneur…


  1. kydnow
    kydnow: Mit Design Thinking kommt ihr sehr schnell vom Problem zur Lösung. Durch konzentriertes Eintauchen in die entscheid…

  2. Miki Anderson
    Miki Anderson: Demystifying JAMstack: An Interview With Phil Hawskworth #UX #design #uxdesign #usabilitymatters #designthinking

    APR PROJECTS: An epitome of truly magnificent #architecture! 2,3 and 4 BHK villas for affordable #prices. For more information…

  4. werkherz


  1. AmyJade
    AmyJade: Its #miniaturemonday and week 22 of designing, #3DPrinting and painting a free #dnd miniature every week. This wee…

  2. Darryl Ricketts
    Darryl Ricketts: Generative Design in 2019: Worldwide Market Insight & Projections by Component, Deployment Mode, Application, Verti…

  3. pierre mcdonagh

  4. AET Labs
    AET Labs: The team at @Stratasys is gearing up to watch our partners take the track in today's @IndyCar 500. Congratulations…


  1. AI Business Directory

  2. AT Social Promotion

  3. Oliver Hoess
    Oliver Hoess: Digitalisierung, eCommerce, ERP, EAM, Blockchain uvm. – Top-Events (oft mit Sonderrabatten)…

  4. AccBiking
    AccBiking: RT @xfxie: Using Data Visualization and Analytics for Understanding O-D Flows of Bike-Sharing System in Smart Cities…


  1. Sri Event
    Sri Event: (ICYMI) #SriAgenda flashback & highlights #May23 in #Milan #SRI Breakfast - #ImpactInvesting: The Future is N…

  2. Sri Event

  3. Social Good Stuff
    Social Good Stuff: If you're passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact, our handpicked content is all you nee…

  4. SocialChangeCentral
    SocialChangeCentral: If you're passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact, our handpicked content is all you nee…


  1. Starcom Systems
    Starcom Systems: With #Kylos Air covering the skies, #Tetis R covering the seas, and many more solutions covering the land, your del…

  2. Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing: RT @hari_baran: The taxonomy of ecosystems. Source:Digital Business Models, Annabeth Aagaard. Primary source is al…

  3. MoneyHealth &Finance
    MoneyHealth &Finance: KUNALAI submits filing to SEC with a preparation of IPO of 75 million shares to be listed on mai Aims to raise fund…

  4. Yoyo
    Yoyo: Un sensor dentro del galón que conectado a un Arduino en la nevera envie un texto cuando llegue a niveles críticos…